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Peak Indicators and Swirrl join TPXimpact


by Simon Wakeman

We’re delighted to announce the acquisition of two incredible businesses by TPXimpact — Peak Indicators and Swirrl! These companies boost our offering and deeply align with our mission and values.

Over the years, we’ve heard from our clients an overwhelming demand for strong data expertise to help them solve large and complex interconnected challenges. Data has been a key capability gap within our organisation and we recognise the importance of strengthening our technology offering in this area.

We’re therefore delighted to be able to announce to you the acquisition of two incredible businesses to join TPXimpact! These companies not only boost our offering, but also deeply align with our mission and core values. We bring you: Peak Indicators and Swirrl.

Peak Indicators

Chesterfield-based Peak Indicators, founded in 2008, is a leading data science services and analytics consultancy. Peak Indicators work with the UK Public and Commercial sectors to provide deep technical skills in data engineering, business analytics, data science and artificial intelligence.

Peak Indicators have built strong client relationships across both sectors with customers including Devon County Council, HSBC, Northern Power Grid, North East Lincolnshire Council, and John Lewis, alongside a number of other commercial sector companies.

In addition to this, at the heart of Peak’s values is a commitment to people and communities. Peak has an ambition to promote diversity and inclusivity within the technology sector and to support this they run successful Graduate and Degree Apprentice programmes which generate and nurture a fresh, highly skilled and diverse workforce: 43% of their current employees have come through Peak’s Graduate or Degree Apprenticeship programmes.

Peak also has one of the most gender diverse teams of data scientists in the market, where 50% of Peak employees and 40% of Senior Managers are female.

Andy Ball and Antony Heljula, Founders of Peak Indicators Ltd, said:

“From the inception of Peak Indicators, we have strived to create a company that is committed to our people, our customers and our community. These core values align with those of TPXimpact and we are excited to join them in using our collective skills to continue improving the world around us.

"We are excited to join another purpose-led business in the next stage of our growth journey. As part of the TPXimpact team, we look forward to continuing to deliver impactful change.”


Stirling-based Swirrl, is a cloud-based open data consultancy with a focus on data integration and dissemination in public sector organisations. Through its "PublishMyData" platform, Swirrl works to help government organisations better manage and distribute their data, so that analysts can find, understand and apply data to important problems such as climate change, improved healthcare and challenges facing the economy.

Swirrl's customers include the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Office for National Statistics, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Scottish Government, and Geonovum, a government agency in the Netherlands advising the Dutch government on its approach to geospatial data.

Bill Roberts and Ric Roberts, Founders of Swirrl, said:

“We are very proud of the business we have built to date and are excited to mark this milestone in our growth as we join TPXimpact. The extra resources and broad range of expertise in TPXimpact will help us to scale up our work to transform how the public sector manages and uses data, opening up new opportunities for our customers and staff.”

A message from Neal Gandhi, CEO, TPXimpact:

"I am delighted to welcome the Swirrl and Peak Indicators’ teams to TPXimpact. With a comprehensive and specialist range of data capabilities now in place, these acquisitions represent another key strategic step forward for TPX in our mission to take on the multitude of complex challenges facing the public and commercial sectors and deliver sustainable digital change. More than ever, we are now confident in our ability to bid for and win larger, more lucrative contracts with our enhanced service offering.”

We’re really excited to welcome Tony Heljula, Kenneth Neilson, Daniela Gheorghe, David Hall, Sarah Marshall, Paul Clough, Mark Carton, Bill Roberts, Ric Roberts and their teams to TPXimpact!

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