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Sharing knowledge and experience directly from our talented team of digital transformation specialists.

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Design blog

Design System Day

Reflections from Design Systems Day 2023

Read the team’s highlights and reflections from Design Systems Day 2023

How I’m building my confidence as a designer

Maddie shares some of the techniques she’s using to build her confidence as a content designer

How service design can help net zero policy succeed

Harriet and Zung share the important role service design has to play in helping the UK achieve its climate targets

Tech blog

Bridging The Data Science And Engineering Divide

Bridging the data science and engineering divide

What my experiences have taught me about both roles and the need to work together.

Moving data from legacy systems into Azure SQL

In this blog post, Head of Technology Mark Carton, delves into two Microsoft tools used to move data from legacy systems to Azure SQL.

Fine grained access with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

In this article, we'll focus on a common issue faced by many companies involving fine-grained access.