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Creating positive change About us

Passionate people on a mission to accelerate positive change and build a world enriched by people-powered digital transformation.

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Our heritage

We’re a purpose driven organisation with vast experience in the public, private and third sectors. We support organisations to deliver complex programmes, projects and products that enable them to deliver better services and experiences.

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Building ambition

Reimagining services and experiences to activate change, applying great minds and creativity to solve complex problems.

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Positively challenging

Challenge assumptions and find new ways forward to deliver greater outcomes for people, places and the planet.

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Focused on people

Getting to the heart of peoples real needs to deliver compelling products, services and experiences.

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Digital transformation

Using the best design, technologies and data to power better outcomes.

Why we care

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    We make sure that the real needs of real people are at the heart of everything we do.

    Our people
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    Everything is connected. By viewing our work as part of a bigger network of assets, strengths and partnerships

    Our work
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    Everything we do has the power to impact people, our places and our planet.

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How we create change

Combining our rich heritage with expertise in human centred design, data, experience and technology, we work alongside your team to find new ways forward.

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We’ll help you apply design thinking to understand your problem and your users’ needs so you can find the best way forward. Solve specific challenges and discover opportunities to transform your organisation across strategy, structure, services and ways of working.

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We’re a team of passionate people who care deeply about the work we do and the impact we have in the world. We’d love the opportunity to help you create positive change.