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Will your charity’s transformation strategy achieve its long term goals?


by Louise Lai

Our webinar with Third Sector Insight explores how charities should approach transformation in order to deliver lasting impact.

Whilst many charities have adopted new technology in recent years (and especially in response to the pandemic), research shows many are unsure about what to do next.

Our recent survey with Third Sector highlighted this uncertainty. While 70% of respondents have a digital roadmap in place, they don’t always feel they have the right tools and skills to meet their goals. In fact, only 37% fully agreed that their organisation has a culture of “empowerment, collaboration and autonomy”, which is so crucial to becoming a modern and responsive charity.

So where do we go from here?

Catch up on the full webinar

Watch the full webinar below, where we discuss:

  • How to adopt more agile methods for planning and delivery to realise your charity’s full potential.
  • How to make technology a key element of your strategy.
  • Why it’s important to give employees the tools and time to upskill.
  • How building a culture of empowerment, collaboration and autonomy among staff can help improve outcomes.
  • The benefits of using data to become more audience driven. 
  • How to increase capacity through digitally enabled processes.
  • How to overcome change fatigue and stay motivated.


“There are 3 key things charities can do: 1. Focus on user needs, 2. develop a vision based on organisational strategy, and 3. identify any digital growing pains from the pandemic through a technology audit, and [a review of] ways of working”
- Zoe Amar, Zoe Amar Digital

“One of the benefits to agile methods is you build this real sense of momentum, whilst delivering tangible outputs at the end of each sprint. [...] Don’t wait or worry about getting Agile wrong either. Find a small scale project and start it! Starting small will allow you to gradually inform and educate the wider business of its success.”
- David Hunt, Breast Cancer Now

“Collaborative, inclusive leadership that recognises the energy, talents and perspectives of the collective will generate the best solutions and the power to create real change. [...] Ask yourself, what combination of leadership skills do we already have? What’s the gap we need to close?”
- Louise Lai, TPXimpact

Zoe Amar's avatar

Zoe Amar

Director, Zoe Amar Digital

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David Hunt's avatar

David Hunt

Associate Director of Digital and Strategic Insight, Breast Cancer Now

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Louise Lai's avatar

Louise Lai

Chief Client and Transformation Officer

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