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csvwr: a package for using CSVW in R

by Robin Gower

Our last post provided instructions for creating your own CSVW. Here we introduce csvwr: a package for using CSVW in R.

We’re keen advocates of the CSV on the Web (CSVW) model for tabular data. Previous posts on the blog have explained why and how to publish CSVW data.

We’ve also been thinking about consuming CSVW. We believe the standard can be particularly useful for data analysts. The tabular metadata can help to reduce the amount of manual work needed to parse and prepare data before it can be used in analysis. You can use it to find tables, identify column names and cast values to the correct types.

To this end, we’re delighted to announce a new R package published on CRAN called csvwr. You can get started with the short introduction which explains how to read and write CSVW in R.

We’d be delighted to hear how you get on. You can provide feedback and follow development on the csvwr github repository.

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