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Annual report & financial statements Impactful sustainable outcomes

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Letter to shareholders

I am pleased to share our annual report for FY23, and what marks a new chapter for TPXimpact. 

Reimagining service delivery, increasing engagement and improving access and beneficial use of information has never been more important, and TPXimpact is uniquely positioned to help solve the most valuable, critical, and complex challenges. 

The team at TPXimpact has consistently delivered magnificent results for our clients – engaging citizens at the very genesis of new policy; improving usability and engagement through user-centred design; increasing open access to information; and helping some of the largest organisations in the UK deliver their digital transformation journeys. 

All this was achieved with the true TPXimpact ethos, empathy, and sense of purpose that runs through the core of our business and is enshrined in our new values of Purpose, Accountability, Craft and Togetherness. 

Our client’s needs and team’s passion in meeting them, provided a ready foundation to our new vision of ‘A world enriched by people-powered transformation’ and its realisation through our 3-year strategy that begins with ‘Balancing Purpose and Commercial Focus’ to build a sustainable business whilst delivering for people, places, and the planet. 

We already bring together expertise from across our business and use our depth and scale to win and deliver critical multi £m, multi-year contracts. Our 3-year strategy makes this easier and more efficient, as we continue to support our teams by simplifying the business, improving operations, and reducing internal friction. 

The last year has been a challenging one for all TPXimpact stakeholders and led to us having to recalibrate our financial objectives. Despite the challenges our teams maintained their focus on our clients, and we jointly believe that we are building a good, balanced, business that will positively impact all stakeholders.

I would like to thank our clients, team members, shareholders and communities for their continued support and I hope that the pages that follow provide a clear picture of what we have achieved, the future potential within TPXimpact, and our route map to deliver it. 

Björn Conway
Chief Executive Officer

Bjorn Conway

Björn Conway

Chief Executive Officer

Vision for the future

TPXimpact will be an integrated, focused and high performing purpose-driven digital transformation business.

People Powered Collection
Lilac Star

Our clients

Our clients will benefit from a coherent and differentiated end-to-end transformation offer, delivered through an efficient professional services operating model.

Lilac Star

Our business

The business will become simpler, more coherent and operationally mature. This clarity will enable TPXimpact to become a platform for future growth options, both organic and through acquisitions.

Lilac Star

Our vision

This vision represents the practical fulfilment of our original founding mission: to become the purpose-driven alternative to the 20th.

Building a platform for an integrated transformation business

  • Group 592

    Focus & balance

    • More commercially balanced decision making • Improve margin and commercial performance • Implement new systems to improve performance management • Balance purpose and commercial focus better • Grow strategic accounts and cross-sales • Further integration when stability allows.

  • Group 830 (1)

    Form & integrate

    • Integrate complementary businesses into the digital transformation platform • Organic growth in Digital Experience • Drive our people strategy to embed performance, commercial focus, and purpose • Purpose as the heart of our business not an ESG add-on • Improved management performance information.

  • Rocket

    Grow & differentiate

    • Accelerate growth primarily through digital transformation business, but also in digital experience agency • Complementary in-fill acquisitions • Winning and delivering larger/ more impactful programmes of work • Broaden footprint to “end-toend” engagements • Purpose as our differentiator because it’s who we are • 10-15% CAGR FY23 - FY26 and Adj EBITDA margin target of 10-12% in FY26.

Report highlights

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