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TPXimpact deliver strong Revenue, EBITDA and EPS performance.

We operate in one of the few sweet spots in the UK economy – digital transformation in public services; and in five of the six most important technology investment areas post-pandemic, including customer experience and engagement, infrastructure and cloud, automation, business intelligence and DevOps – all feeding into TAM of c.20bn.

Why Invest

1. Significant addressable market

The market will continue to face increased client expectations for Innovations. Going deeper and faster in their transformation. TPXimpact is perfectly positioned to support the transition from Heritage to New solutions which has accelerated since the start of the pandemic.

2. Attractive financial profile

Consistently delivering strong Revenue and EBITDA momentum, while the benefits from moving to a single brand combined with our operating model, position the business to continue to build EBITDA margin

3. Strong future growth opportunities

TPXimpact, now established as a single entity, is expertly positioned to achieve its future growth opportunities. Acquisitions continue to provide additional capabilities, enabling clients to look no further for suppliers. Whilst organic growth continues to build momentum in new market segments, most recently Health and Wellbeing.

4. Transparent and trustworthy

Continuously recognised as an ESG leader by balancing profit and purpose alongside the delivery of impactful digital outcomes for our people, planet and communities. We must now take our place besides government and not-for-profits to help tackle some of society’s biggest problems

5. Brand excellence

TPXimpact provides its people more room to think and innovate, more flexibility, and more opportunities to deliver change that matters most. Continuingly recognised at an alternative to the heritage consultancies, candidates are attracted by the opportunity to work on truly impactful digital transformational projects, whilst being supported by a business that puts them first.

6. Leading public sector digital transformation provider

TPXimpact exists to transform the organisations, services and systems that underpin society and that drive business success. We work closely with our clients in agile, multidisciplinary teams, combining our deep understanding of people and behaviours with a philosophy of putting people and communities at the heart of every transformation

Invest in TPXimpact

Want to speak to us about investing in TPXimpact or learn more about our ESG? Get in touch with our Head of Investor Relations, Luke Murphy.