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My first month at TPXimpact

My First Month

by Mo Pledger

Sharing what my first few weeks have been like in my new role.

I’ve just finished my first month at TPXimpact and was keen to share my experience of being here so far. I’m sure I’m not alone in getting a bit anxious about joining a new company or starting a new role. As I was onboarding remotely, I started thinking about things such as whether my kit would arrive in time, and if it did, whether there would be some IT or permissions-related blocker that caused a stressful start to my first meetings.

I was also wondering how much time I’d have to meet colleagues and get to grips with ways of working, or whether I would go straight into client facing work. My preference is to get a feel for where I fit in a place and how I can contribute, but my past experiences have seen me drop straight into firefighting and the ‘sink or swim’ routine!

A smooth start

Well, I’m happy to report my worries were unfounded as my onboarding experience was seamless. It actually started before my first day, as the engagement team sent a range of info ahead of my start date and was there to answer any questions I had. And in the very first hour of my first day, the IT folks helped with a password issue within five minutes of emailing. Now that’s what I call great user experience!!!

From my first meeting onward, I was made to feel part of the team. I was set up with a series of intro calls with new colleagues to say hello and ask questions, and there were loads of activities, materials and course links via a handy Trello board that I could get stuck into.

Sharing values and culture

On my second day, I joined a Town Hall gathering with 400 other TPX’ers in attendance. It happened to be the day they announced achieving B Corp Certification™.  Many organisations talk about working towards more sustainable practices but very few have the cert to prove it. To have this accolade and know it’s at the core of TXPimpact’s vision really resonated with my passions and values. It made me feel I’d made the right decision in joining.

The next days followed a similar positive pattern, more coffee chats across disciplines as I learned about the different projects on the go and began to understand expectations. There was time to access info on processes and tools, explore wikis and playbooks, as well as everything I needed to start thinking about how to use and strengthen my skills. My line managers went through both company and department goals and discussions around culture and values. This helped as I set my own goals with the knowledge that they were both valuable and relevant to myself and TPXimpact.

I think my main takeaway is that the people support here is strong - you really feel part of the community. I love being in a learning organisation and it’s great to be with colleagues who have such a variety of skills and talents that they are willing to share, as well as wanting your contributions too.

So I’m officially “off the bench” now and was recently introduced to my new team and initial assignment. I feel grounded, inspired and ready to start making a positive contribution to my team and our clients.

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Mo Pledger

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