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B Corp How Blog

by Bryony Wilde

Sharing how our commitment to serving all our stakeholders extends beyond B Corp certification

We’re proud to be B Corp Certified and recognised for our work building a better future for people, places and the planet. 

Since the beginning, we’ve been guided by our beliefs in the power of businesses and organisations to make a positive impact, and that we must prioritise serving all stakeholders to thrive sustainably. 

These are not just words. We’ve always practised what we preach, taking action and creating policies that reflect these values. From our culture to communities, here’s a look at some of the ways we’re trying to achieve our goals.

Repaying our carbon debt

TPXimpact was born from the coming together of multiple organisations, and as part of that move, we committed to paying back the historic emissions debt of all previous companies by March 2023. This was an ambitious project, requiring a lot of time and effort collecting and analysing our carbon data before creating an investment pot and strategy. But we felt strongly that this was something we owed to the planet, our communities, and ourselves, and were committed to paying our debt.

Analysing three years of carbon data across all three industry-recognised scopes, we were able to identify our average tonnage tonnage-to-revenue ratio and apply this to all revenue. We also applied our own internal tax, which was based on the social cost of our carbon, to make sure we were fully accountable. 

With our cost per tonne and internal carbon price figured, we donated the resulting £100,000 to an investment portfolio of high-impact carbon reduction and removal projects. We have also since added £25,300 to this investment to account for our FY23 carbon output.

This work went above and beyond B Corp requirements. However, the groundwork we did to fulfil this commitment gave us an advantage when completing the planet section of our application, allowing us to demonstrate our commitment to environmental causes easily.

Supporting communities now and in the future

Giving back to the communities we live and work in has always been something important to us. This is why we pledge 1% of our profits and time every year to invest in communities across the UK. 

One example of this is our annual Future Leaders initiative, which is a six-month accelerator programme for under-represented digital entrepreneurs between the ages of 21 and 30. Now in its fifth year, we provide young entrepreneurs with financial support, mentoring, professional development and networking opportunities to help get fantastic ideas off the ground and prepare for future success. Every young entrepreneur receives financial support throughout the programme.

To date, Future Leaders has over 35 alumni who are all working to support sustainable, equitable growth within their chosen sectors. In 2023, we dedicated 155 hours of support to our participants to make sure we give them as much time and resources as they need to help them succeed. 

Prioritising our people

People and culture are vital to any organisation. When TPXimpact started, we were bringing together hundreds of people from a range of organisations, all of whom had experienced different workplace and policy expectations. Rather than starting from scratch, we built on the best that each of our previous entities had to offer, creating an employee value proposition (EVP) which created a supportive and rewarding work environment that prioritises employee well-being.

Our EVP has a range of progressive policies in areas including 30 days annual leave, plus statutory bank and public holidays, 26 weeks fully paid maternity leave, and flexible working. This forward-thinking EVP was recognised in our B Corp certification process, which is something we’re incredibly pleased about. 

Sustainability from the top down

We take pride in having a strong governance structure, focused on benefitting all our stakeholders. This is driven by all of our people at every level, and most particularly through our senior leadership team. This team is actively involved in all environmental and social initiatives, with some of our board members specifically selected for their ESG expertise. Plus, with the support of a dedicated board-level ESG Committee, we ensure that our corporate governance aligns with sustainability goals and that we meet our commitments to integrating environmental and social considerations into our strategic decision-making processes.

Because our people, places and planet matter

Being able to say that we are a certified B Corp is fantastic, but we believe it shouldn’t be the sole reason for striving to do our best for society and the environment. Improving outcomes for our people, places and the planet will always be our primary mission, and being able to be part of the B Corp community as a consequence is really the cherry on top. 

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