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Industry leading pension reporting

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Client: Legal and General

How we helped L&G become the market leader in pension reporting, improving operational efficiency and increasing client satisfaction and winning plaudits throughout the industry.


We partnered with L&G to modernise their data infrastructure, revolutionise pension reporting to clients, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the pressure on L&G employees. 

Providing regulatory pension reporting for clients was complex and time consuming - analysts had to manually construct governance reports from disparate data sources, whilst also dealing with ad-hoc client requests. 

Due to long lead times on responses (3-4 weeks) client satisfaction was dropping and the pressure resulted in a high staff turnover in L&G’s operations team.


Our goal was to make pension performance information and forecasting available at L&G pension clients’ fingertips. 

Existing, legacy systems were a limiting factor here, so a key focus was supporting L&G through the labyrinth of digital transformation, kickstarting a smarter way of working.  

We moved from a legacy IBM architecture & infrastructure to a cloud-first Infor Birst data & analytics platform, enabling a self-service model.

We gathered data for the new platform, from all of the necessary sources across the business and collaborated with L&G to build secure interactive dashboards allowing clients to access their pension data in real-time. 

As the project was accessing and querying highly sensitive pension information, security was critical and was rigorously tested at every step. We took a belt-and-braces approach to security, using Birst’s native security protocols to ensure data was only seen by those with permissions to see it.


We delivered a solution that enables up-to-date MI about client pension schemes on demand.  This innovative, progressive solution cements L&G as a market leader in this space.

The project has garnered widespread industry recognition for L&G for delivering real innovation for clients in the pensions area.



Assets Under Management (AUM) in near real-time

More than 300 of L&G largest clients are onboarded, representing 3 million members. 800+ users can access secure dashboards on the platform, managing £50bn Assets Under Management (AUM) in near real-time.

The L&G teams and clients now have secure, accurate interactive pension data available at their fingertips.

Overall benefits to L&G have been financial, operational and reputational - reducing costs, increasing capacity, improving performance, improving client satisfaction and gaining industry plaudits.

"We really valued the subject matter expertise and experience that TPXimpact were able to add to our project team – they provided high quality solutions, were able to swiftly address complex technical issues, and were extremely flexible in the way they worked with the team. Having them on board gave us confidence that we would be able to deliver great outcomes for our clients."
Eliot Flack-Hill

Business Architect, Legal and General

"The ability to see data as well as look at trend information by site is truly fabulous. This will enable me to hold much more worthwhile pension clinics with individual members at all the sites. In addition, the dashboard data can be reported to the Board as it is so easy to provide pension information which can be viewed so many different ways. Thank you"

Client of Legal and General

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