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Building a new data management platform for a data storage and migration company

Anonymised Case Study
How we helped the business reduce costs, improve agility, and simplify their product support model.


Our client is a US technology business that provides file storage solutions for the oil and gas market. Their evaluation of the industry showed that customers have significant concerns about data management, with oil and gas companies losing millions as a result of ransomware attacks. Customers also faced difficulties managing their digital files and accessing large amounts of data — with network latency issues causing delays in the time it takes to move and access data. 

With the pandemic also increasing the need to access data globally, whether from physical data centres or cloud environments, the market required a robust data management platform that would meet customer needs and prevent data loss.


We partnered with our client to provide technical and business support prior to their planned IPO on the stock exchange. We began by helping them restructure their business, resulting in significant cost savings and efficiency gains without compromising service levels. 

Our delivery team also integrated with the client’s team to provide Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as-a-service, giving the business much needed technical strategy and direction. As part of this work, we carried out a comprehensive review of their existing data management platform and the new product in development. We designed and delivered the fundamental building blocks for this new data management platform, paving the way for more features to be added in order to meet further user needs.


Thanks to our partnership, our client is now a much leaner business. Their successful reorganisation reduced operating costs, led to far greater agility, and has allowed them to achieve more with fewer resources.

On the technical side, we helped simplify their product support model, and resolve several longstanding issues with existing customers. After carefully analysing their requirements, we identified a new licence management tool for the business that will be easy to integrate into their existing and future products. The new data management platform we built is a solid foundation to add to, as the client identifies and meets further user needs.

Now, the team is better positioned to respond to the inevitable changes that come in a fast paced technical environment, from feature prioritisation to pivoting in order to meet changing requirements and circumstances. The business is better equipped to place the user at the centre of product development activities, with high quality coding standards upheld throughout.

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