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Oracle BI 12c - file locations

by Antony Heljula

For those who have recently upgraded to Oracle BI 12c, things have moved around a bit! Here are some useful file locations in case it helps:

BI Tools (e.g.,,,

TNSNAMES file (to configure Oracle db connections):

Weblogic scripting tool (

Log files (for BI system and weblogic servers):

BI Catalog:

Live RPD:

NOTE: You need to use to download the live RPD

Weblogic configuration:

FMW Configuration:[home]/user_projects/domains/bi/config/fmwconfig

BI System configuration (instanceconfg.xml etc):


Presentation Services configuration: .../biconfig/OBIPS/instanceconfig.xml
BI Server configuration: .../biconfig/OBIS/NQSConfig.INI

BI Publisher Configuration:

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