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An overview of TPXimpact

TPXimpact is a digitally native technology-enabled services company, built to service clients’ digital transformation needs. TPXimpact’s main country of operation is the United Kingdom.

Founded in 2016, with the aim of identifying and acquiring best-of-breed specialist information technology, design and innovation consulting businesses across Europe, TPXimpact collaborates with its clients to deliver the technology outcomes they’re looking for at the pace that they expect and demand.

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Unlike many buy and build models that have preceded TPXimpact, the Directors are focused on creating an agile, decentralised group where employees join a culture of autonomy, purpose, collaboration and innovation. The Directors believe that this decentralised model with shared values will allow Group Companies to collaborate, providing clients with innovation and rapid delivery of services.

TPXimpact has developed an efficient, formulaic approach for acquiring companies. With an extensive acquisition pipeline, the Directors intend to continue to supplement the organic growth of existing Enlarged Group Companies through the addition of complementary companies in each regional cluster. It is the Directors’ intention to acquire between five and seven companies per regional cluster, in order to achieve a capability set across complementary key emerging technologies including:


What we do

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We’ll help you apply design thinking to understand your problem and your users’ needs so you can find the best way forward. Solve specific challenges and discover opportunities to transform your organisation across strategy, structure, services and ways of working.

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Key strengths

The Directors believe that the Enlarged Group’s key strengths include:

Shareholder engagement

TPXimpact proactively engages with its shareholders and potential shareholders alike. This is through a series of mechanisms:

Contact with major shareholders is principally maintained by the Executive Directors, who ensure that their views are communicated to the Board as a whole. The Chair is also available to discuss governance and other matters directly with major shareholders. At every Board meeting, the Board is provided with the latest brokers’ reports and a summary of the contents of any meetings with shareholders. The Board considers that the provision of these documents is a practical and efficient way for both the Chair and Senior Independent Director to be informed of major shareholders’ opinions on governance and strategy and to understand any shareholder issues and concerns.

If you would like to know more about TPXimpact as a shareholder, or potential shareholder, please contact us through our investor’s email address and we will put you in touch with one of our Executive Directors.


Social purpose

TPXimpact’s social purpose runs through the core of the company, with responsibility for it sitting at Board level. We hired a Social Impact Manager who now reports to the CEO Neal Gandhi and works closely with Isabel Kelly one of the Non-Executive Directors. This role is one of only a handful of employees at Group level which we believe indicates the importance placed by the Group on ensuring it makes a significant positive contribution to the communities in which it works.

Isabel developed TPXimpact’s social impact strategy. Now in place, the Social Impact Manager has been implementing the strategy and programmes.

In brief, the Group will use its resources (including paid volunteer time and the Group’s technology and expertise) to improve lives, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, equality of opportunity, social mobility and talent development, and is intended to make a contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5 & 10.

The programmes have initially focused on workforce development: training and hiring a significant percentage of TPXimpact’s workforce from groups of people who need help to realise their potential.

Since September 2017, Neal has been a very active member of the Advisory Group for a post-Grenfell legacy project created by the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, Get Into Tech: North Kensington. The project, in collaboration with Sky and REED, is providing tech training for survivors of the fire and others from the immediate surrounding area. The first cohort of students recently spent an afternoon at Manifesto understanding the work they do, and Neal is keen to give work opportunities to the cohort once they graduate in December.

TPXimpact group companies already engage in social impact work: Questers focus on education through support of Teach for Bulgaria, teaching tech to girls through Django Girls, and they give grants through the Questers Fund. Social change is a fundamental part of who Manifesto are, with a high proportion of nonprofits as clients, and in addition, they volunteer in schools and run digital and career days. Not Binary have provided technology training to women in prisons and to girls through Stemettes.

The foreword to TPXimpact’s Code of Conduct makes the ethos of the company very clear:

At the same time as serving our clients well, taking care of the well-being of our employees and delivering financial results, we also want to be a positive force for good. The technology industry already dominates the lives of many people in the world. Our challenge is to ensure the impact is a positive one. As you’ll see here, our approach is to ensure we balance the needs of all stakeholders; our clients, employees, investors and importantly our environment and the broader community around us.

The technology industry finds itself at a crossroads; where it must choose whether it produces sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders or not. This is a conscious choice, we can decide whether questionable content reaches impressionable viewers, whether built-in obsolescence force the upgrade cycle, whether automation creates job losses where adequate retraining plans are not put in place or whether democracy can be undermined.

Because of the type of work we undertake, we will find ourselves having to make these kinds of choices. I hope this Code of Conduct provides guidance on how to make those choices. We would like history to judge TPXimpact as having made the choice for sustainability, and we believe in doing so will create a long-term, financially strong company.

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Want to speak to us about investing in TPXimpact or learn more about our ESG? Talk to Luke Murphy our Head of Investor Relations.