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We are committed to operating proper standards of good corporate governance and have established a corporate governance model based on the key principles of the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code (“QCA Code”).

The Board

The Board is responsible for the Company’s corporate governance systems and processes that support good decision-making. The Board is supported by Audit, ESG and Remuneration Committees.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the integrity of the financial reporting process, including: the appropriateness of any judgements and estimates taken in preparing the financial statements; the internal and external audit functions; the effectiveness of the risk management systems and monitoring of internal controls.

The Audit Committee is comprised of independent non-executive directors. Its members are: Mark Smith and Christopher Sweetland.

ESG Committee

The purpose of the Environmental, Social and Governance Committee is to support the Company’s on-going commitment to people, planet and community matters relevant to the Company (collectively, “ESG Matters”).

The Committee will assist the executive management of the Company in setting general strategy and vision relating to ESG Matters and developing, implementing, and monitoring initiatives and policies based on that strategy.

The ESG Committee is comprised of independent non-executive directors and members of the Executive Team. Its members are: Isabel Kelly (Chairman), Rachel Neaman, Christopher Sweetland, Steve Winters, Luke Murphy, Bryony Wilde and Ching Chong.

The remuneration committee

The Remuneration Committee determines, on behalf of the Board, the Group’s policy for executive remuneration and the individual remuneration packages for the Executive Directors.

The Audit Committee is comprised of independent non-executive directors. Its members are: Isabel Kelly (Chairman) and Christopher Sweetland.

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