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To B Corp™ or not to B Corp?

To B Corp

by Bryony Wilde

How and why we achieved B Corp Certification™

TPXimpact has always been an impact-led organisation. We have a strong, undefined sense of purpose and belief that businesses could and should do better.

My job has been to build on this and add definition to that shared sense of purpose. To articulate that feeling we all have. To add rigour and data to that passion. And after internal discussions, we decided there was no better way of doing that than becoming a B Corp. 

Demonstrating our commitment

The B Corp movement started from a wave of businesses who wanted to be a force for good, and has grown ever since. With the rising prevalence of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues and legislation, expectations weigh heavily on organisations like never before. At the same time, being a force for good is no longer just a moral imperative, it’s also good for business. B Corp certification allows companies to demonstrate that they practise what they preach and are operating in a way that is beneficial to people, places and the planet. 

However, at the beginning, undergoing the process to become certified wasn’t a totally straightforward decision. We weren't using B Corp as a way to raise our standards or get buy-in for our social investment programmes. We already had the buy-in and were doing the work. Our question was would B Corp actually add value to what we were doing, or would it be a bad use of time and funds that could have been better spent improving our ESG outcomes?

In the end, we decided that it was worth it because of the validation, the accountability and the assurance that, even in difficult economic environments or with changing leadership, B Corp would ensure that our commitment to our stakeholders won’t falter. 

The road to certification

Our journey to certification was more complex than most. During the process we underwent a range of different changes, including to our team, our brand and our policies. We are also publicly listed, which adds additional hurdles like needing majority shareholder approval to change our articles to benefit all stakeholders. Whilst the destination remained the same, our route to getting there was long and winding. 

All of this makes us even prouder to have achieved certification. We’ve joined a cohort of businesses that recognise that financial sustainability and the sustainability of our communities are the same thing. It was hard work, but if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t feel so worth it. 

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Bryony Wilde

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