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Partnering with The Trussell Trust to help meet unprecedented need

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We're pleased to share that The Trussell Trust has appointed us their strategic digital partner to support an exciting and ambitious programme of transformation.

We're pleased to announce that The Trussell Trust has appointed us as their partner for digital transformation to help build a movement and meet the unprecedented need for their vital services. 

The Trussell Trust is embarking on an exciting and ambitious transformation programme as the charity seeks to meet record demand for support. The programme will touch every part of the network, from people who access food banks, volunteers, and food bank teams on the ground to central teams, supporters and advocates.

Recently published research and insights in the ‘Hunger in the UK’ report show that: “14% of all UK adults (or their households) have experienced food insecurity in the 12 months to mid-2022.” This means – at some point over this period – an estimated 11.3 million people have run out of food and been unable to afford more, and/or reduced meal size, eaten less, gone hungry or lost weight due to lack of money.

Their most recent statistical release showed that a record 540,000 emergency food parcels were provided to support more than 265,000 children across the UK between April and September 2023. Low incomes, especially from social security, debt, health conditions and issues with social security payments such as delays or sanctions, were the main reasons people had no option but to turn to a food bank for help.

The charity forecast that they will distribute more than 1,000,000 emergency food parcels across the UK this winter.

At every turn, The Trussell Trust sees the impact of economic uncertainty on their work, from decreasing food donations to soaring demand for emergency food aid. This partnership could not have come at a more important time, and digital will be vital in meeting these challenges. Teams will work with people who access food banks and local volunteers and staff to understand the needs in communities and translate this into digital support and solutions that help people not only access emergency food aid but also additional support to help move them out of poverty.

Central to The Trussell Trust’s organisational strategy is a commitment to build awareness and a movement for change to end hunger in the UK. This partnership will enable and empower teams to use digital channels and creativity to galvanise the general public and influential partners and reach the widest number of people.

Louise Lai, Chief Client and Transformation Officer of TPXimpact, said:

"We couldn’t be more excited and proud to be joining The Trussell Trust as they embark on the next phase of their strategy and tackle, head-on, the grave challenges facing those in crisis right now. Digital is a huge driver and enabler for change and impact. We’ll be working together to reimagine digital experiences with a focus on outcomes, connecting every part of the digital ecosystem and helping to mobilise teams and audiences to support their mission to end hunger in the UK.

The understanding, commitment, expertise and passion from everyone we’ve met has been incredible. This cause is close to so many of our team's values, and it is humbling and motivating for us all to tackle these challenges. We have an opportunity to work in a genuinely agile way, to deliver impact iteratively, innovate with our platforms and create a user-centred experience led by the data and insights on where help, information, support, influence and impact will matter the most."

Sophie Carre, Director of Public Engagement of The Trussell Trust, said:

"As our food banks provide more emergency food parcels and support than ever, there has never been a more important time for us to accelerate our digital transformation. Delivering seamless digital experiences across our network of food banks to support those facing hardship and engage and mobilise people to pursue our vision to end hunger in the UK.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with TPXimpact, who, from the beginning, have demonstrated their immense expertise and experience, alignment with our values, and passion for putting food banks at the heart of our digital strategy. The enthusiasm, adaptability and strategic thinking of the team is a huge asset to our work and achieving our strategic goals.” 

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