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Partnering with the Natural History Museum on climate education

Partnering With The Natural History Museum (2)
We are thrilled to share the news of our important role in a new, transformative partnership with the Natural History Museum.

The collaborative programme, tasked with ushering in a new era of climate education in the UK, is being led by the Natural History Museum (NHM), the Royal Horticultural Society, and the Royal Society, with support from TPXimpact and funding from the Department for Education.

Since July 2023, this collective has worked together to make the UK a global leader in combating climate change by 2030 through a revolutionary Nature Parks and Climate Action Plan scheme.

TPXimpact developed a new website for the project, which launched successfully in October 2023. As part of this, we created an online hub where teachers can access carefully curated, quality-assured teaching resources. The site was also optimised to encourage and help educators sign up and engage with the scheme.

Our goal was to equip teachers with a consistent bank of resources to deliver inspirational climate education across UK schools. This included lesson plans, activities and action plans aimed at educating the next generation on environmental sustainability. Many of the activities focussed on improving pupils’ mental and physical well-being through outdoor activities. 

Data visualisation and mapping specialist Esri worked with us to embed an interactive map that shows students a tangible picture of their impact. The map details all the recorded Nature Parks and their habitats across the UK.  

In just three months since launch, we’ve seen over 1,500 schools sign up through the platform, 500 nature park sites mapped, and over 6,500 sq.m of land recorded. This ambitious programme plans to engage 15,000 schools within its first five years, empowering them to monitor changes in biodiversity in their area.

Lauren Hyams, Head of Learning and National Programmes at NHM said: 

"TPXimpact truly grasped the intricacies of this multifaceted programme. Their emphasis on educators' needs has been exemplary. We're eagerly anticipating our ongoing collaboration to craft a digital journey for educators that sparks growth and captivates interest."

TPXimpact Client Services Lead, Jasmine Williamson-Persh added: 

“This initiative has been uniquely challenging and rewarding. Our close working relationship with the Natural History Museum and commitment to excellence led to the creation of a website we're incredibly proud of. 

“We’re approaching the later phase of the build of this website, where educators and wider users can begin utilising more of its functionality. We’re delighted to be a part of this journey, experiencing first-hand the transformative impact our work will have on climate education."

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