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A bold new vision Multiplied

How digital transformation can deliver more impact for the public sector

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Multiplying impact

This book is for anyone that creates, delivers or supports public policy and services.

It's about what the public sector, and everyone working with the public sector, does next, the future of digital transformation and what we can learn from the biggest crisis in our lifetimes - Covid-19.

In this book Ben Holliday shares ideas and insights from the work of the public sector during and before the pandemic. He highlights the role we can now all play in shaping how we do things better, and how we can multiply the impact of our work for people and the planet.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

Key themes

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    Future digital transformation

    Exploring the future of digital transformation, and what becomes possible when we bring together modern design, digital technologies, and innovative change programmes.

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    Lessons from the pandemic

    Learnings from the public sector's response to the pandemic, and why things shouldn't revert back to how they were before.

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    What makes it possible to do more

    How organisations are rethinking the relationships they have with society, working more closely with local communities.

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    A hyper-local future

    Understanding the need to fundamentally reshape our public institutions, delivering better outcomes for people and the places they live.

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    A fresh approach

    The need for a new mindset, as well as new skill sets to deliver policy and joined up services.

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    Value multiplied

    Practical examples demonstrating that better value for money is possible, and that we should expect wider benefits for society.

About the author

Ben Holliday is Chief Designer at TPXimpact. With over 20 years' experience in design and digital transformation he works with organisations, change programmes and teams to deliver modern digital products and services.

Ben's experience in the public sector includes time as a civil servant, and design leadership roles at the Department for Work and Pensions as part of DWP Digital. Before this he worked with the Government Digital Service as part of the GDS Transformation programme of 25 exemplar projects.

In the private sector Ben has also worked extensively in digital, product and service delivery in the not-for-profit, charity, arts, education and financial sectors.

"Everything we've done so far, everything we can learn from the pandemic response, and the years of digital transformation that proceeded it, gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate how we organise and work together to do more in the future."
Ben Holliday Chief Designer
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All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to NHS Charities Together.