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Our Wardley Mapping will transform your team

Last month, we started work on our latest Wardley Mapping strategic partnership with Defra.

Defra's Future Farming and Countryside Programme is at the start of an exciting, groundbreaking, eight year project to fundamentally transform agriculture policy in England.

At launch, Janet Hughes, Defra’s Programme Director said:

“TPXimpact’s Wardley Mapping is able to take the whole team together on a journey into the strategic constraints and opportunities we face around people, technology, data, and operational delivery for our programme.”

“This partnership will help us map out what we have, what we are going to need, and what needs to change, improve or stay the same,” she added.

As well as this being a terrific endorsement for why Janet and her team chose our Wardley Mapping service, it also nicely summarises why we can help you (all of your team and your stakeholders) go on the journey(s), that you need to take, together.

We talk to many organisations, particularly across Health Care and Government, who commonly ask:

‘The problem isn’t that we know that we need to transform our ways of work and how we deliver programmes, but just how do we all come together as one team, understand all the issues, and commit to a strategic plan?’

Wardley Mapping is a tool that TPXimpact uses extensively, with a large number of our clients, to help them all strategically align, and agree on how to tackle projects and solve problems. Our experience and expertise in delivering this service are supported by Simon Wardley, the originator of the technique, who has been a strategic advisor to TPXimpact since February 2019.

A map is a representation of the landscape in which a business operates. It consists of a value change (activities needed to fulfil user needs), graphed against evolution (how individual activities change over time under supply and demand competition).

Wardley Mapping 1
Police public contact channels, informing a police service’s contact programme

They visually build situational awareness across teams and stakeholders and hint at what strategic options are available.

They highlight the inefficiencies within operations and create solid foundations for change based on user needs. The outputs also clearly inform a delivery plan with priorities, roadmaps, and backlogs.

In summary, our maps:

  • Uncover issues with processes and systems

  • Highlight where people’s time and energy should be invested

  • Prioritise services focussing on those delivering the most user value; providing a ‘hit list’ of what to work on first

  • Identify custom built, time consuming products or services that could be better delivered in other ways

  • Inform build versus buy decisions through additional insight and prioritisation

  • At the heart of all the products and services that we deliver for our clients is an emphasis on building their team’s digital skills and capabilities.

Our approach to Wardley Mapping is no different; openly sharing work so that we can all learn together.

We train our clients on how to map so that they can rinse and repeat throughout their transformation journey; always mapping with them, their teams and subject matter experts, never for them. Throughout the process, we encourage original thinking through open conversations, an acknowledgement that maps are iterative and not precise.

Also like all of our product and service offerings, we are currently remote-first for all delivery; using a variety of tools such as Zoom, Google Jamboard, and Miro to allow everyone to collaborate, engage, and the highest quality Maps to be produced:

Wardley Mapping 2
Screenshot of Wardley Mapping service as remote first using a variety of tools

The other clients that we have used Wardley Mapping with, to date, include NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA)NHS DigitalBritish Psychological Society (BPS)Police ICTGovernment Digital Services (GDS)NHSX, and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

With the NHSBSA we mapped their existing NHS Jobs services, which supported in excess of 4 million applications per year for over 380,000 vacancies. It informed potential technical solutions and helped them decide which to develop in-house and which to purchase from external suppliers (build or buy).

They then hired our service delivery team who worked side-by-side with their in-house team to deliver a quicker, easier, and smarter central platform for all citizens applying for roles across the NHS.

For the GDS we created many maps to explore the opportunities for implementing the Digital Marketplace approach overseas. This helped to build situational awareness of the value chain within local procurement practices in Latin America, South East Asia, and South Africa.

This identified how local needs fit into the current Global Digital Marketplace Programme and informed the GDS’s roadmap on what needed to be done to reach these new territories. We also coached and transferred knowledge to the GDS and overseas procurement teams (over 50 stakeholders worldwide) on how to create, use and maintain Wardley Maps.

In summary, Wardley Mapping will create a situation analysis for your organisation, highlight potential efficiency savings within your programme, and identify high-value opportunities to meet user needs.

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