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NHS Blood and Transplant and TPXimpact: A service and user centred design strategic partnership


by TPXimpact team

We’re proud to announce that NHS Blood and Transplant has appointed TPXimpact as their Service and User Centred Design Strategic Partner to help embed a human-centred, user centric design process and culture across the organisation.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is on an exciting and significant journey of change. At the heart of this journey is an ambition to continuously put people at the centre of services and organisational culture — whether that’s staff internally, partners or donors and patients.

NHSBT is operationally unique, providing a safe, reliable and efficient supply of blood components, solid organs, stem cells, tissues and related diagnostic services across the entire UK with many touchpoints across the health system. Even before Covid-19, NHSBT recognised that strategically, the organisation needed to adapt to meet current and future challenges and opportunities. The continuing demand for their essential services throughout a pandemic has not only emphasised the national significance of NHSBT, but also the importance of being responsive and adaptive to the world in which we operate.

Over the next two years, we’ll support NHSBT’s journey to becoming an adaptable and sustainable 21st-century organisation, enabling the delivery of multiple strategic and tactical initiatives, while also supporting individual projects such as the convalescent plasma therapy clinical trial for COVID-19 treatment.

This journey of change will mean applying the principles of 21st-century public services and truly weaving them into NHSBT’s organisational DNA, embedding human-centred design and incorporating creativity to develop high-performing services, ensure value from digital and technology investments and balance the needs of donors and partners in a highly-regulated environment.

Our partnership with NHSBT means continuing to deliver on our mission to build public institutions that are catalysts for change, intentionally designing products, services and organisations that are fit for the 21st century. As Strategic Partners, we aim to support NHSBT’s ambition to continue shaping clinical and wider health services both nationally and internationally that are intrinsically human-centred, creating a vision for the future that improves the lives of everyone.

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