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Growth strategy

Our approach to growth and how is it benefitting key sectors, services and our partners.


In anticipation of starting this new financial year as one brand, TPXimpact began planning for how growth should be delivered began in November 2021. A small experienced team reviewed what was needed to deliver our growth ambitions and the existing talent we had across the portfolio of group businesses. This involved a pool of around 35 people, spread across five businesses. We developed a new operating model, formed of three disciplines — sales, bids and marketing. By February, new teams were in place and we had our first all hands session to form relationships and start focusing on setting ourselves up for a successful 2022/23. 


Our first priority as a team was to create the first cut of our sector strategies for the financial year. These needed to ensure that we had a clear plan to utilise our deep sector knowledge, our technical expertise and provide our teams with the purpose led work that motivates them to get out of bed in the morning. 

Our sector teams worked with stakeholders across the company to develop growth strategies for central government, local government and health. Each strategy covers market intelligence, known and likely opportunities areas which match our skillset, target accounts (existing and new), key relationships, sales targets, account ownership and marketing plans. 


The huge benefit our clients are now seeing is that, having brought together our 16 companies under one roof, we can now provide a genuinely joined up offer. Our clients don’t need to navigate separate parts of the business anymore, and we don’t have to partner with other companies to provide capabilities we’re lacking, because TPXimpact now delivers all aspects of digital transformation. The capabilities we’ve brought together under this new brand allow us to provide clients with everything they need for their digital transformation journey, from deep agile expertise to CTO as a service, from data platforms to product leadership and from intelligent automation to user centred design — we can take them from Discovery to Live and continuous improvement, with everything in between. 


Our focus is to continue to build our opportunities together with our partners. Since forming under one TPXimpact we are now able to offer end to end Microsoft services from cloud and software engineering through to enterprise platforms, data and low code. The acquisitions of RedCortex and Peak Indicators have accelerated the growth of this relationship. Their Gold Partner status across multiple disciplines has further advanced our ability to perform partnership programmes with Microsoft of significant value. 

In addition to our strong relationship with Acquia, we are currently developing a partnership with Okta for identity and exploring Drupal for Local Government. Our partnerships are actively account managed with dedicated teams in regular communication, sharing ideas and opportunities, and building these relationships on a personal basis. 

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