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Digital Experience

Unpacking recent work and sharing plans for the next year in the Digital Experience division.

The heritage of the Digital Experience division of TPXimpact goes back as far as 2001. Coming together as more than 130 employees from three agency businesses (Deeson, Manifesto and Nudge), we share a common passion for digital and for making a difference through our work. 

Our purpose, our reason for being, is apparent; we believe that all organisations have a responsibility to be a force for good in the world. Continually building on a wealth of excellent skills, knowledge, culture and decades of history, we exist to create a legacy we can feel proud of, to enable better outcomes for people, the planet and the communities we serve. Our vision is to harness the best of our creative and technology capability and our values to shape a better business and industry, to make a more significant impact by creating sustainable digital experiences that people use daily. 

We build digital solutions and experiences to make people’s lives easier, better, and fairer. We support the transformation of organisations by caring about what they do, sharing how we work and pushing ourselves and our industry forward. We build long-term partnerships with our clients, resulting in expertly crafted solutions that create a true and measurable impact. 

DX remit 

Our clients are primarily in the not for profit, higher education, culture, ‘vist’, healthcare, commercial and public affairs sectors. We work with many leading charities, including 13 of YouGov’s top recognised charity brands. Long term client relationships characterise our client roster; typically, we act as trusted digital partners, working with clients at pace and scale to understand their audience and business needs and requirements for their digital futures. 

The division’s work for clients focuses on supporting organisational change, digital experience delivery and technology transformation. Services provided include design and prototyping, customer engagement and acquisition, motion and immersive content, research, user experience and technology strategy. Bringing together the technology teams from the three companies means we can deliver a broad technology portfolio spanning content and experience management, system integration and bespoke development alongside marketing automation and personalisation. 

Highlights of the past year 

In the not for profit sector, our partnership with Breast Cancer continues to go from strength to strength. We are working to help unify their digital ecosystem to support their strategy that by 2050, everyone diagnosed lives and is supported to live well. This is a huge programme of change which straddles the entire organisation and our role is to help bring it all together to deliver maximum impact. Our programme team have recently started the foundations of the digital build and there is growing excitement about what’s to come next. 

Higher education sector 

We continue to firmly establish ourselves as trusted advisors within the higher education sector. With the University of Edinburgh, we’ve completed year one of a six year partnership that has seen us define and establish a complete overhaul of their sprawling digital estate. With Kingston University we have outlined a three year roadmap to reimagine how they engage and recruit students through the website. 

We have continued to strengthen our foothold in the culture and visitor attraction sector. This year we started working with major clients in the industry, including the Royal Academy of Arts, and the British Library. We also kicked off an exciting project for the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), which has been our client for a few years and is both a major visitor attraction and an international conservation science charity. The ZSL website is a key digital focal point for the organisation. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the website ecosystem of ZSL, to give a digital home to the two zoos which are part of ZSL (ZSL London and ZSL Whipsnade Zoos), demonstrate the impact of its science conservation work, and ultimately showcase its vision: “a world where wildlife thrives”. 

We have been proud to partner with UNICEF UK, following an organisational wide restructure, we worked together to co-create and design new ways of leading, planning and delivering work in the newly formed Public Engagement directorate. This work is helping them collaborate effectively as a new team and making sure their efforts and resources are directed in the right place. 

In the health sector, we continued our partnership with Health Education England and began a new one with NHS Digital. For both of these clients, we are augmenting their in house delivery and support capabilities by providing specialist digital and technology expertise including specific assistance with the Bloomreach content management system. 

Outlook for the year ahead 

During the next year, we intend to build upon the division’s momentum to evolve into the next level of Digital Agency, creating a pathway that allows us to explore new opportunities in DX and as well as new sectors, focused on delivering exciting and sustainable digital outcomes. 

As always we will be focused on further enhancing the customer experience work we do for our clients, ascending the value chain by combining deeper strategic expertise with our native digital approach. We will continue to align with analyst definitions of best practice digital customer experience management drawing upon services from across TPXimpact to deliver integrated technologies that support composition, management, delivery and optimisation of contextualised digital experiences. This will help differentiate the TPXimpact experience offer against its competitors in the traditional DX landscape.

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