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Our communities

We are kickstarting one thousand careers, investing both our time and money in activities that are equipping our communities with the skills they need to thrive in the future workplace.


Equipping our communities with future-proof skills

The tech sector is growing at an exciting pace and we need to make sure that there are no pockets of society that are locked out of the industry through a lack of investment in future proof skills. That is why we donate 1% of our pre-tax profits and 1% of our employees time to invest in our local communities.

  • Green Star


    50 charities supported through our community investment initiatives

  • Sprout


    605 careers kickstarted with future proof skills through our community action and community investment programmes

  • Trees


    1650 hours donated to community action in FY21

  • Green Rocket

    Future Leaders

    5 entrepreneurs supported through our Future Leaders Programme in FY21

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