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Privacy Policy

How, why and when we collect and use your personal data.

Your privacy

TPXimpact is a public limited company. We responsibly transform the organisations, technology, and services people rely on. As part of this, we collect and process personal data through our website and digital platforms such as social media.

We put people first, understanding your needs and respecting your rights. This includes respecting your rights to data protection, as protected in law. We’ll always conduct our work with your privacy in mind. This means collecting as little personal data as possible, storing it securely and being clear about how we’ll use it.

This page explains the data we may collect about you and how we use it. It also includes information relating to third parties we may use to store and process your data. Covered in this policy is:

  • the information we collect through our website
  • the information we collect through our contact form
  • the information we collect through our marketing activities
  • potential and existing client data
  • the information we collect through our recruitment
  • your data and rights

Information we collect through our website
Why do we collect website data?

Collecting website data allows us to see how people are using our site. With this information, we can improve your experience.

What data do we collect on our website?

Using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Hubspot, we collect the following information about users to our website:

  • IP address
  • timestamp of visit
  • country of visit
  • referrer
  • operating system
  • browser
  • pages visited during session

How long do we keep website data?

We store the data we collect indefinitely so we can see how the use of our website changes over time. Our focus for having this information is always on how we can improve your experience.

Information we collect through our website contact form

We use your details submitted through our contact form to communicate with you about services that might be relevant to you. We may also inform you of new offers, products and services which you may be interested in. We’ll never sell your email address or other details without your permission, and all communications from us will contain a clear "unsubscribe" option.

Services we use to process data

Below is a list of third-party services we use to store and process your data across our website and products, a description of how we use them and links to their privacy policies. We’ve regularly reviewed these services and contracts to make sure these companies are fully compliant with GDPR.

  • Umbraco is the provider we use for our website
  • Hubspot collects information about your browsing session e.g. timestamp, pageview count, and only collects personally identifiable information if you fill out a form (Privacy policy)
  • Google Analytics collects and analyses website data across all of our sites (Privacy Policy)

Information we collect through marketing activities

If you sign up to one of our events or newsletters

We send email newsletters to update partners, clients and investors of important company news, events and updates about our products and services, as well as project highlights. Your data is only used for the purposes of operating these services and subscribers have the ability to unsubscribe at any time.

If you’ve given us contact information in relation to one of our events, then this information may be used to contact you in relation to this event, future events or sales purposes.

Use of social media

We use several social media accounts to share our work. We occasionally use the analytics tools provided by these platforms to understand how we can use these services better. Our social media accounts include:

Potential and existing client data

We may collect the following information about our potential and existing clients:

  • name
  • company
  • email address
  • phone number
  • job title
  • company address
  • testimonials

Why do we collect this data?

We use the data we collect to help us create, nurture and manage our client relationships. Testimonials may be used on our website for promotional purposes.

We use the following services to store and process this data:

Information we collect through recruitment

We collect the following information about people who apply to work at TPXimpact, whether for a permanent position, apprenticeship, internship or contractual position.

  • full name
  • CV and supporting information
  • email address
  • covering letter
  • phone number
  • recruitment platform profile
  • notes from interviews
  • portfolio of work

Special category data will be collected throughout the recruitment process and used for our commitment of diversity, equity and inclusion and business intelligence. This type of data will not be used as part of the application process. 

Why do we collect recruitment data?

Recruitment data is used to assess suitability for a role and communicate with candidates.

How long do we keep recruitment data?

Recruitment data will be retained for 6 months, upon which data is anonymised and will be retained in this state for statistical reporting. Your data will be retained for this initial 6 months to assist with repeat applications, and for pro-active searching for suitable roles as part of the TPXimpact talent pool.

If you’re due to have your consent expire, 30 days before the 6 months is up you’ll be contacted via email, you’ll then receive a follow up email 14 days before the expiry and then 2 days before expiry. After expiry, your data will be anonymised.

Where is the recruitment data processed and stored?

We use several platforms to help us find people to join our team. At the moment, these include:

If you want to exercise your rights on a particular service, please refer to its privacy policy for more information. We store CVs on Google Drive. Only team members involved in the recruitment process have access to recruitment platform accounts, CVs and emails.

How do we keep your data safe?

All the forms we use, including those on third-party sites, make use of SSL encryption. We also make sure that your personal data is only accessible by appropriately trained staff.

Not all the personal data we hold is stored on our own servers. If required to do so, we may have to share your personal information with the police, regulatory bodies or legal advisors. In any other circumstances, we’ll only share your data with third-parties if we have your explicit and informed consent.

Your data and your rights

When collecting and storing your personal data, we’ll always adhere to your rights as outlined by the GDPR to access, rectify and/or remove your data entirely. Upon request, we’ll respond within 30 days:

  • providing confirmation as to whether or not your personal data is being processed, by us and any third-party tools
  • send you your personal data in a structured and machine-readable format to you and/or another service that you have instructed us to transfer the data to
  • update and rectify any inaccurate personal data as requested
  • erase all your personal data from our systems and our third-party processing tools

To update your details and marketing preferences, email or write to us at TPXimpact Holdings PLC, 7 Savoy Court, London, WC2R 0EX.

To receive a copy of your personal information, please send an email to You will have to provide proof of identification.

What if our policies change?

We’ve appointed an internal Data Protection Lead. They’re responsible for keeping this policy up to date and for helping us make sure we follow these practices in our everyday work.

You will always be able to access this page via our website, and at the bottom of any TPXimpact forms you complete. 

If you have any questions or want to exercise your rights as stated above, then please write to us at