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Data science in HR report

Tpximpact Data Science In HR Cover Open Insights

by Antony Heljula

According to our research, HR are among the front-runners in data-driven decision making — but four in ten teams still rely on gut instinct.

In February 2021, we engaged research consultancy Opinium to interview 500 leaders from UK-based organisations about their approaches to decision making, data collection and the use of analytics. The results offer an intriguing snapshot of how organisations approach decisions and suggest that HR departments and the professionals working within them are among the leaders in the race to become data driven.

Even before COVID, organisations were battling chaotic and uncertain trading environments. Globalisation and unprecedented technological advances meant that new competitive threats and opportunities emerge at a moment’s notice and transform industries almost overnight. With the correct data and analytics, organisations can recognise and react to those changes faster and more accurately. In some cases, they can even predict them ahead of time.

TPXimpact has created a Data Science Pyramid highlighting four levels
of sophistication. The pyramid provides a roadmap to help HR leaders transform their departments from ‘Level 1: Working towards a data foundation’ to ‘Level 4:Data driven’. Download the report to learn more...


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