Supporting charities’ emergency response through data

Supporting The British Red Cross in the development of a data platform that would help them get emergency support to people in a crisis.

British Red Cross
Data platform

About the project

During emergency situations in the UK, many organisations come together to plan a timely response. It’s during this process that better coordination of volunteering resources is needed. Often a highly complex task involving the management of people, time and materials, The Voluntary and Community Sector Emergencies Partnership, led by The British Red Cross recognised the benefit data could have.

Our process to execute this project

We supported the organisation in the development of a data platform that would allow charities of all sizes to collaborate efficiently around an emergency and get people the support they need quickly.

Working with challenging legacy infrastructure that needed updating and different stakeholders, we built a new platform on Azure that supports partnerships, new ways of working and cooperation. 

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure and different infrastructure services, the new data platform has detailed AD controls, machine sizing, access controls, migration, MFA and RPA hosting and support. This means cloud resources are effectively managed, bringing costs down while improving security. 

During this partnership we also worked closely with the British Red Cross team on upskilling staff, allowing them to take control of the service and iterate it to meet people’s changing needs through different emergency situations.

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