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Personalised data index

About the project

Roche are pioneers in healthcare and to meet their mission of improving the lives for all patients, they began working with independent health experts from around Europe to create a healthcare index. This new site would showcase where countries are performing and where they need support, highlighting correlations and best practice.

As they focused on independence, Roche used credible third-party data. However, not all data is the same and needed presenting on a uniform scale to make it useful. We worked closely with the team on making sure the development of the index met the real and urgent needs of health experts.

Our process to execute this project

Visitors to the index needed to be able to navigate to the data they were interested in, quickly and simply, this required personalisation. We wanted to make sure visitors could interrogate the data as those using the index are scientists, patient groups, think tanks and policymakers they needed to have access to work with, export and share the data, not just view it.

We combined our knowledge of utilising data, integrating systems and creating compelling visitor experiences to address the complexities of the new index. Working with a tight deadline and large volumes of data, we collaborated with the research partner to agree on how the data would be normalised and handed over.

In a multidisciplinary team we quickly established a joint vision and created an interactive prototype which was tested with a panel of global healthcare experts. Our development team started working with the data and visualisation technologies, experimenting to see what was possible. We worked with Roche on a show and tell, showing them potential next steps, allowing the wider team to have a say in how to move forward for a global launch.

“You translated my mind into a beautiful brand and brought data to life. This project will help improve global healthcare.” Thomasine Kamerling, Roche Pharmaceuticals

Interactive prototype integrates over 100 data sources, normalises and presents that data in a user-friendly interactive way ready for thought-leaders to discover how to improve Europe’s healthcare systems.

Roche offices throughout Europe are now successfully using the site as a platform for public affairs discussions. Within six months of the launch, the index has been referenced by MEPs when discussing health policy and has been shortlisted for a SABRE Award.

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