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Environmental, social & governance report 2022

Sustainable futures

Four children wearing coats and muddy wellington boots

As our companies came together this year to form TPXimpact, we have had a unique opportunity to embed our environmental, social and governance goals into the foundations of the new business.

"We have been able to take a step back and examine whether our systems, processes and behaviours are helping to set us apart as a purpose led business that is truly delivering value to all of our stakeholders. 

Our response has been to double down on our commitment to our people, planet and community. 

You can see this through our new industry-leading employee value proposition, our submission to become a certified B Corp and formally changing our structure so that we’re accountable to all stakeholders. 

As we grow, we have greater leverage and more opportunities to create social impact. However, the scale of responsibility to ensure that our operations are being run in a way that net positive to our people, environment and communities also increases exponentially." 

Bryony Wilde, Head of Purpose


We are closing the gaps that exist in our business and wider industry 

We are working to ensure sustainable futures for all of our people through a focus on employee wellbeing & satisfaction and workforce diversity, inclusion & equality. 

As a professional services organisation, we don’t underestimate the importance of the health, well-being and satisfaction of our workforce. We’re creating an environment that helps diverse talent to thrive. We are a high growth, high impact business that relies on competent, committed and high performing employees. We foster a positive work environment that supports personal and professional growth and respects work-life balance. 


Leave no trace

We are working to decouple our economic growth from environmental degradation by measuring, reducing and offsetting our impact on the planet. We are funding and supporting climate action, removing barriers for our employees and raising awareness of the climate emergency. 

We understand the enormous threat that ‘business as usual’ poses to our planet, our people and our communities. As we set the foundations for TPXimpact, we have the benefit of doing so with the knowledge that our planet is a crucial stakeholder. We are working hard to ensure that our operations are doing no harm and that 


Equipping our communities with future-proof skills

We have kickstarted over one thousand careers, investing both our time and money in activities which are equipping our communities with the skills they need to contribute to, and benefit from, the fourth industrial revolution. 

We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to participate in the world that we’re helping to create. The tech sector is growing at an exciting pace and we need to make sure that we are making opportunities accessible to talent from all backgrounds. That is why we donate 1% of our time and 1% of our profits to invest in our local communities. 


Delivering impactful work 

Our people are delivering impactful digital transformation everyday, making a positive difference to how individuals and society experience the world. 

We know that our biggest impact comes from the work that we do with our clients and in turn, generating economic growth which is providing sustainable livelihoods built on decent employment. 

Let's work together

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