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Annual report and accounts 2022

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Welcome to our annual report for the financial year 2021-22.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2022

"I’m really pleased to present our results for the first time as TPXimpact, showcasing our new name, our new brand, and all the exciting new opportunities that lie ahead for us as an organisation.

It’s also a further chance for me to tell you about why we underwent this change."

Neil Gandhi, CEO TPXimpact

Our story

In July 2021 we made the decision to bring our 16 transformation specialists together to meet the growing needs of organisations in new ways.

The same people, providing the same world leading services, all united within TPXimpact. 

We provide full end-to-end digital transformation. If IT systems are holding our customers back, if their processes are getting in the way, or if they just think things could be better but not sure how — we can help. 

Why we’re here 

We drive fundamental change in approaches to product and service development, delivery and technology. Equipping our teams to deliver quickly and decisively through an approach we call Autonomy with Responsibility. 

How we work 

Our agile, multidisciplinary teams work in the open, focusing time and energy where it adds the most value, and challenging you to explore new perspectives. 

We’ll provide a dedicated team of lead consultants, strategists, creatives and technologists to deliver for your project.

Our reach is growing

Like many organisations, we’ve taken on a hybrid approach, using regional hubs and remote working to ensure the continuity of our services for our clients and allow our staff the flexibility to choose the right environment for them. 

We have 9 regional hubs across London, Manchester, Canterbury, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Chesterfield and Edinburgh, as well as additional operations in the Nordics and Bulgaria.

Expertise across all areas

Working in partnership to deliver impactful work 

Our vision is to deliver impactful, sustainable digital outcomes that make a positive difference to how individuals and society experience the world. Over the past 14+ years we’ve worked with hundreds of public, third sector and not for profit organisations to support and deliver complex products, projects and programmes. 

This includes work across a diverse range of clients and causes, from start ups to global organisations.

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Our values

Our founders set out to create a better way of doing business, putting people and the planet first.


We trust our teams and empower them to make their own decisions. Our positive work environment supports personal and professional growth and respects work-life balance.


We give people the flexibility and support they need to thrive. We are conscious of the impact of our actions and are accountable to all our stakeholders.

User centred

We use design approaches to put people at the heart of everything we do. Our constant focus on users ensures we always meet their needs and solve their problems.


We work in partnership with our clients, listening and challenging to get better outcomes.

Lasting impact

Positive change, for the long term. We'll share our skills and set your teams up for sustainable success.

Community action

Our people donate hundreds of hours to community action each year, and we donate 1% of our time and profits to charitable organisations.

Our new business model

Last year we made the decision to incorporate all of our operating businesses into a single integrated organisation; TPXimpact. By bringing together expertise from across the different companies, we were able to develop a new simplified operating model.

Designed to support and service clients in an agile way, without the red tape, bureaucracy and approval gateways seen at many of the heritage consulting firms. In the new operating model, we deliver work for clients through our Consulting, Digital Experience (DX) and International divisions. These divisions are supported by a small number of shared business enablement teams.

Our ESG Report

"We have been able to take a step back and examine whether our systems, processes and behaviours are helping to set us apart as a purpose led business that is truly delivering value to all of our stakeholders. 

Our response has been to double down on our commitment to our people, planet and community. 

You can see this through our new industry-leading employee value proposition, our submission to become a certified B Corp and formally changing our structure so that we’re accountable to all stakeholders. 

As we grow, we have greater leverage and more opportunities to create social impact. However, the scale of responsibility to ensure that our operations are being run in a way that net positive to our people, environment and communities also increases exponentially." 

Bryony Wilde, Head of Purpose

Our clients

We work with the organisations, services and systems that underpin society

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